Digital & Physical



The WHF will Honor and Preserve the Greats of Wake in both the digital and real worlds.


It’s the dawning of the DIGITAL age, and it’s the perfect time to launch the WHF into this brave new world. People have grown to expect instant information, and for the first time we are able to provide it in a comprehensive manner.

When you come to our site and do a search for a specific rider, industry personality, or event, you should be able to find an organized body of knowledge. This is one of our missions.


This digital undertaking will take a huge amount of effort, and we are going to need your help…

When you submit to us, please memorialize your photos and magazine images by doing quality scans. Provide us with dates, names of riders, photographers, etc. whenever possible. Have some great video? Get the cleanest copy possible, then digitize it at the highest quality possible. We want to preserve our media to the best of our ability, and a big part of that depends on you!


When it comes to the Induction Process, we will be asking Nominees to help with the digital work by providing quality images. Then Nominees will create a website with a brief bio, top ten accomplishments and the supporting images and documentation (more info here). This insures that the WHF will have the important digital content for each person who is eventually inducted.

We are hoping that user generated content will help us to fill this site with hours of viewing pleasure.


The PHYSICAL representation of the WHF in multiple locations is another part of our mission. In the months that come we will be asking for donations of the historical items that will make up our displays. We plan to present our first display at the 2015 Surf Expo. As our organization grows in size and funding we will be able to house our honored mementos in a main location open to the public.